Monday, February 23, 2009

Breast Pumps

I had many people tell me that Medela breast pumps are the ONLY pumps to use. After I looked into them and found out how expensive they were I thought that I would try something else. I found some that seemed to have all of the same features that Medela had, so I tried one. It was about $70, I took it home tried it and my nipples about fell off. I found a travel Medela pump that only did one side at a time (I found it new on ebay, it was very cheap) so I tried it. At that point I became a believer. I had some time before I had to have it for going back to work so I started to watch Medela auctions on ebay. I found a double pump with lots of bottles for under $100, it was worth every penny. I found a Medela supplier in my town, bought new nipple covers and a few other couple dollar parts, it was like brand new. This pump never hurt to use (unless you turned it up to high before you got used to it) and it was easy to figure out and clean. It came in a very nice black bag, so I could take it to work and nobody would even know what it was. I loved this pump, I tell everyone that is going to pump about it.

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