Friday, February 27, 2009

Bib Clips-A Must!!

I love these...I love them so much that I started making them! I now give them to everyone I know that is going to have a baby. They clip on to any napkin, towel, or washcloth that you have available. Great to put in the diaper bag or purse so that it is always with you for the trips to grandmas or the restaurant.
I saw this item when my first was born, but I couldn't see spending $20 on it, I never got it. Now, I figured what to do and I can even sell them for $6-wish I would have figured that out a long time ago (it would have saved a lot of clothes).

Monday, February 23, 2009

Breast Pumps

I had many people tell me that Medela breast pumps are the ONLY pumps to use. After I looked into them and found out how expensive they were I thought that I would try something else. I found some that seemed to have all of the same features that Medela had, so I tried one. It was about $70, I took it home tried it and my nipples about fell off. I found a travel Medela pump that only did one side at a time (I found it new on ebay, it was very cheap) so I tried it. At that point I became a believer. I had some time before I had to have it for going back to work so I started to watch Medela auctions on ebay. I found a double pump with lots of bottles for under $100, it was worth every penny. I found a Medela supplier in my town, bought new nipple covers and a few other couple dollar parts, it was like brand new. This pump never hurt to use (unless you turned it up to high before you got used to it) and it was easy to figure out and clean. It came in a very nice black bag, so I could take it to work and nobody would even know what it was. I loved this pump, I tell everyone that is going to pump about it.

My Review of Fisher-Price Baby Gymtastics Deluxe Jumperoo

Toys R Us

Encourages and rewards baby's jumping with music & lights in a safe freestanding platform. Gymtastics fun ball and theme complement the line of toys. Side colorful panels of familiar Gymtastics characters make it fun for baby.

Everyone needs this...

Stacy Zeeland, Michigan 2/23/2009


5 5

Pros: Durable, Entertaining, Lots of Fun, Great Features

Cons: Bulky

Best Uses: Infants

Describe Yourself: Parent of Multiples (Twins etc), Parent of Two or More Children

We have had the jumperoo for about 4 years, all of our kids and a few nephews have loved this. It is a must have!! Our kids laughed and laughed in this. It is loud when they jump around and the sounds get annoying, but what toy doesn't!? I am getting ready to pass this on to grandma to keep for other grandchildren.


My Review of Boppy Entertain Me Play Gym

Toys R Us

The Boppy EntertainMe Play Gym features a colorful nature themed mat with soft, multi-textured fabrics, engaging patterns, quilted stitching accents and vibrant colors. Oversized, soft fabric mat with luxurious padding, appliquéd fabrics and multiple colors and patterns. Mini Boppy pillow cra...

Love this one...

Stacy Zeeland, Michigan 2/23/2009


5 5

Pros: Visually Stimulating, Entertaining, Easy to Assemble, Holds Baby's Attention

Best Uses: Playtime, Infants, Newborns

Describe Yourself: Parent of Two or More Children, Parent of Multiples (Twins etc)

I used this sssoooo many ways...I had twins and could put them both under it (without the pillow) and they loved it. You can change the toys that hang from this beause they are on those links. I would take the top off and give them tummy time with the boppy on the mat. I used this boppy as my breastfeeding pillow (it is smaller then THE Boppy) but it worked for me. They have outgrown this mat but they still play with the mirror that came on it.


Baby wipe warmer

The first day we came home with our first child it took about six hours before my husband was at the store buying a wipe warmer. A few years prior to this we were at a friends house visiting her new baby, after we left her house we made fun of the wipe warmer she wasted her money on. Little did we know, the heartbreak you feel when you have a newborn screaming everytime you change his/her diaper because of the freezing cold wet wipes you are putting all over them. Yep, I used this for her and then for my twins. I am now passing this on to another soon to be mom. This was a must have for me.

What do you need?

I have had lots of first time mom's ask me what they really need and don't really need. I don't really know what to say to that...All I can do is tell them what worked for me. I wonder if anyone else has this...and what you couldn't live without? Or what you could have lived without. I guess that is the other side to this, live and learn. Learn what you really didn't need to spend the money on.